Brent’s Real Estate License Study Tips

by | Jan 20, 2022

  1. Schedule your study time each day and stick to it. “Today I will study from 1:00pm-3:00pm”. I do this each morning because my schedule fluctuates with demands of my job and family, but I generally know what I am doing and when each day.
  2. Study for 25 minutes at a time, then take a 5 minute break. Do not skip the breaks, they are “palette cleansers for the mind”! Physical activity/moving works best for breaks. Get a drink, take a walk, do some pushups, play with your cats, etc. but take the break! Repeat these cycles for your entire study time. (This is called the Pomodoro Technique.)
  3. Learn how to read a textbook:
    1. First, skim the chapter. Read the chapter title, section headings/subheadings, any bolded, italicized or underlined text, and captions for any photos, charts or graphics.
    2. Read the entire chapter summary
    3. Mentally summarize in a sentence or two to yourself what you think the chapter is about.
    4. Read the entire chapter from the beginning, including re-reading the summary
      1. Don’t waste time underling or highlighting, it doesn’t work.
      2. Instead, make notes of things that are interesting to you or that you don’t quite understand, and write questions in your own words for things you think are really important and might be on the test. Write notes by hand directly in the book whenever possible (“marginalia”). You can later transcribe your notes and questions onto a computer, tablet or phone, which is like a bonus “mini review session.”
      3. At the end of each page, look away and recall the main highlights from what you just read.
      4. Take the end-of-chapter quiz. Write your own similar questions based on the questions in the quiz.
  4. Create flashcards for yourself from your notes in 3.D.2 and 3.D.3 above. These should consist primarily of fill-in-the-blank questions. Whenever possible avoid true/false and multiple-choice style questions, even though the that is what the test will be. Fill-in-the-blank enhances learning because these questions are more difficult. (I use the electronic flashcard software Anki, available for free on computers and Android devices, $25 for iOS devices. Quizlet and Supermemo are popular alternatives if you don’t like Anki.)
  5. Interleave your study time with different sources and activities. I switch this up at least every hour.
    1. Reading the REX books. (I have the physical books and rotate reading chapters from each)
    2. Watching YouTube videos
    3. Going through flash cards you created for yourself
    4. Taking practice tests or reviewing flash cards developed by others
    5. Asking questions of a mentor (find an agent or broker willing to work with you!)
    6. Describing/teaching what you learned to someone else – friend, partner, study group, etc. (my girlfriend is the broker for the company I work for, and asks me each day what I learned about)
    7. Group study sessions
    8. Studying other topics such as sales, marketing, and communication that are essential for being a successful agent.

You can remove some of the stress by changing your focus from “passing the test” to “learning the material”. If you learn and understand the material, you should naturally pass the test, plus you will be a more effective agent once licensed.

The general concepts above are not mine but techniques from the book “Make It Stick” and other reading I’ve done, specifically applied to studying for your real estate license . Hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions.