DoorDash Story #004

It just had to happen at the top race of the year. I try to do everything right. I live right. I eat right. I exercise, meditate, and get plenty of sleep. I watch my macros and I supplement my diet and I follow my coach’s training program to a ‘T’. I do all the… Continue reading DoorDash Story #004

DoorDash Story #003

Bethany walked through the dim pre-dawn light filtering through the lone window at the far end of the hallway. She arrived at her door, the missing ‘0’ of apartment #303 still easily discerned from the unfaded wood between the two gold number threes nailed directly above the door’s peephole viewer. She briefly wondered what happened… Continue reading DoorDash Story #003

DoorDash Story #002

Sunset in Africa is always a special time. A large ball of fire in the sky slowly descending to touch the horizon, silhouetting a chain of ducks making it’s way across the great winding river at the base of the mountain rising over the landscape in the distance. A lion and it’s mate, preparing to… Continue reading DoorDash Story #002

DoorDash Story #001

Billy stopped in his tracks at what he saw through the large picture window of the curiosity shop. There, on an ornate wooden display stand centered directly in the window, was a large, dead fish sticking straight up out of a chalice made of pewter or some other dull, grayish-silver metal. Underneath the cup was… Continue reading DoorDash Story #001