A new and hopefully recurring post, here are things I found interesting this week:

  • theysaidso.com – a really cool site for daily quotes from various categories
  • shortform.com – the best site for book summaries of mostly modern non-fiction books that I have found. I did the 5-day free trial, then signed up.
  • NTNDS – “Note To Next-Day Self” – this is such a cool idea, I immediately incorporated it into my daily review template and have been loving the process of writing a note to my tomorrow self and then reading it the next day.
  • The Cognitive Bias Codex – a neat visual representation of cognitive biases with links to their associated pages on Wikipedia
  • population.io – enter your birth date, country and gender and it will give you an approximate life expectancy along with a lot of other interesting information about where you rank in the world.
  • tabliss – a great plug-in for Firefox (and Chrome) that replaces new tabs with a customizable “home screen”. Includes various widgets for things like weather, quotes (from “theysaidso.com”, above), background images, time, etc.
  • The Tail End – a series of charts for contemplating our mortality. I’ve printed the weekly one and put it up in my office. It assumes a 90-year lifespan but it pairs nicely with population.io (above) or your other favorite “death calculator”