No, your calendar is not wrong, it is August 15th, not January 1st.

So why am I saying Happy New Year today? Because today is MY Personal New Year, a concept that popped into my head several years ago on…August 15th.

Since then I’ve used this day as a day to reflect by doing an annual review, and to set goals and systems to guide me for the next 12 months. It is also a great day to change all my important passwords, unsubscribe from services I no longer use, and any other chores like that which I can think of.

“So this sounds like, you know, new year’s resolutions, why not do it on January 1st like everyone else?”

New Year’s Resolutions are a joke, and failing them has become the norm and expected. Virtually no one takes these seriously. Their common failure gives people a built-in excuse, and my experience has been that most opt to take that excuse, myself included.

By having a Personal New Year I remove the stigma and built-in excuses of January 1st. It is personal, which means I own it, along with the successes and failures that result. There is no one to cheer or blame but myself, there is no herd to go along with, and I can’t tell myself “It’s ok, almost no one keeps their August 15th resolutions.” Sole and ultimate responsibility is mine alone.

I like that. I want that.