I’ve been listening to the Tim Ferris podcast on and off for many years now, and one of the questions he used to frequently ask his guests was “What book have you gifted most frequently?”. When I first heard him ask that it really made me think, because I wasn’t in the habit of giving any one book out as a regular gift.

I don’t clearly remember whether I read the book Younger Next Year before or after I heard this question on the podcast, but I do know that it was such an impactful book for me that I immediately made the connection with the question and started buying copies and giving them out to friends.

On a recent trip to Monterey I discovered that evidently I wasn’t the only one who was that impacted by this book. Driving by a small convenience store on Highway 1 I saw this huge banner out in front with the YNY title and colors and a “Free Book” badge on it. It immediately caught the attention of my girlfriend and I, and while we didn’t stop then we definitely made it a point to stop on our way back by. I had to pull in, grab a couple of photos and find out what the story was with this little store and the book.

After taking a few photos out front we slipped inside, where there were a variety of books for sale in addition to the regular fare of drinks and snacks. Near the register was a little stand with about 30 copies of Younger Next Year. I asked the girl working the counter what the connection was between the book and the store, thinking maybe it was owned by one of the authors, but she told me that the owner had just been very enthusiastic about the book after reading it and wanted to spread the message, so he started offering a free copy to any customer who would agree to actually read the book.

I was extremely impressed, despite being significantly up-staged in my efforts to spread the message of this book. It had been a while since I have given any out myself and seeing this store and hearing the story I committed to buying a few more copies and continuing to spread the word.