Ok, here we go.

I am committing to posting on this BLOG and my YouTube channel on a regular basis. Perhaps even daily. Ok fine. I just added it to my Habit-tracking app as a Daily task. Done deal.

This is a direct result of watching way too many YouTube videos by Ali Abdaal about how he got started, and his recent interview with Austin Kleon, best known as the author of the books “Steal Like an Artist” and, more relevant to this post, “Show Your Work“, which Ali gives credit to as the catalyst for starting his YouTube channel. (Ironically I have not read the second book even though discussion about it between Ali and Austin are what inspired me to start doing this.)

I have no intention of pursuing the “influencer” lifestyle, but there is something to be said for creating putting yourself out there a little bit and overcoming the fear of communicating in such a public way. Hopefully this will be a good complement to the VLOGs I record daily and my Daily Review that I do each night. (These shall remain private, as there is a bunch of weird stuff bouncing around in my head that no one wants or needs to see.) It’s an additional avenue to reflect on my day in a slightly different way and a good cue for me to write a bit more.

Also, this intro is a bit late to the party as I had already started using the BLOG to post a bit this past week, a classic example of the “Ready, Fire, Aim” approach!