Sunset in Africa is always a special time. A large ball of fire in the sky slowly descending to touch the horizon, silhouetting a chain of ducks making it’s way across the great winding river at the base of the mountain rising over the landscape in the distance. A lion and it’s mate, preparing to hunt in the cooler temperatures of the coming night, stop to drink from the shit soup created by a herd of hippos wallowing in the bend upstream. Knowing the danger of the coming night the other denizens of the plains retreat to their nests, burrows and warrens, adults looking to relax after a day of foraging for food, the young enjoying “mom time” before drifting off to sleep. In the opposite direction lies the ocean, teal seas fading to deep blue with the retreating sun, sea gulls nesting on the dike protecting the village by the coast. The dying wind seems to be a gentle sob of mother nature, knowing and fearing for the terror that will come in the night, mourning for those that will cry out her name in their last moments as the circle of life continues it’s infinte cycle. “I’m coming home, mom.”

Word Combinations: Chain Duck, Lion Mate, Shit Soup, Mom Time, Teal Seas, Dike Sob, Name Mom