Teddy Bear Rescue

A couple weeks ago I was out on my walk and something in the gutter that was kind of furry-looking caught my eye, poking out of a pile of leaves and dirt. I reached down, plucked it out and examined what I had found. It turned out to be an old stuffed bear which I… Continue reading Teddy Bear Rescue

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Mailboxes x 4

Sometimes it’s the box itself that’s interesting. Sometimes it’s a boring box on an interesting stand. Sometimes it’s everything combined. Today’s walk found examples of each.

My First 1-Star Rating!

Despite my best efforts, it was bound to happen. This reflects on this customer far more than it does on me. They don’t tell you which customer gave you the 1-star rating, but I know exactly who it was and the situation that caused it. On Sunday I picked up an order from Freddy’s Frozen… Continue reading My First 1-Star Rating!

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Showing My Work

Ok, here we go. I am committing to posting on this BLOG and my YouTube channel on a regular basis. Perhaps even daily. Ok fine. I just added it to my Habit-tracking app as a Daily task. Done deal. This is a direct result of watching way too many YouTube videos by Ali Abdaal about… Continue reading Showing My Work

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Cornhusker Lambo

I’m no expert but the way the driver was shifting it didn’t sound like he had a lot of experience driving a car like this.

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DoorDash Story #005

What would possess someone to own an animal like this? The thing was a biter, and everyone knew it. Three people had now been it’s victims, and no attempt was being made to curb it’s behavior. Getting it in the first place was a mistake but it took some real lack of common sense to… Continue reading DoorDash Story #005

DoorDash Story #004

It just had to happen at the top race of the year. I try to do everything right. I live right. I eat right. I exercise, meditate, and get plenty of sleep. I watch my macros and I supplement my diet and I follow my coach’s training program to a ‘T’. I do all the… Continue reading DoorDash Story #004